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Marie Nachie’s children were all mentored by Jim Angus of Eagle Rock, CA

All In One Family

Marie Nachie’s children have all been mentored by the same devoted individual, Jim Angus of California, for the past 24 years. After all this time together, the Nachie’s consider him an unequivocable member of their family. Jim discovered his vocation for mentoring in 1990 when he submitted his mentorship application to Futures for Children with the desire to provide guidance and encouragement to an American Indian child. Shortly afterward he was offered the opportunity to mentor Willis Nachie, the oldest child in Marie Nachie’s family. Willis excelled in his academic endeavors under Jim’s guidance and continued on to achieve his career objectives through post-secondary education. This left Jim available to mentor Willis’ sister, Lanae, in 2000. For nine years Jim provided support for Lanae as she progressed through school. When Lanae graduated from high school and began her post-secondary studies, Jim began a simultaneous mentorship of Marie’s two youngest children, Aiden and McKenna.

Jim’s longtime relationship with the family has afforded him as many personal benefits as he has provided the Nachie children. He states, “My relationship with this family has meant the world to me. They’ve invited me into their homes and their lives. I have a window into a culture that few people have the opportunity to view let alone participate in.”

Jim, often accompanied by family and friends, has visited the Nachie family in Hopiland many times over the years to tour the reservation, experience the ceremonies, and browse the many arts and crafts shops. The visitors also had the pleasure of dining on traditional Hopi cuisine from the Nachie kitchen.

A few years back, the Nachie’s planned a trip to California to visit Jim and his roommate, Mark. This excursion offered an exciting adventure for the family as it was their first trip to the West Coast. The group enjoyed outings to Disneyland and the beach. Marie says, “Jim and Mark have become family and we are very happy to have them in our lives.

While reflecting on his many years of involvement with Futures for Children and his close relationship with the Nachie family, Jim commented, “I started with Futures a long time ago when I was in my twenties. Not only was I a mentor to Willis, but I got to see the rest of the children grow from babies to young adults. This is a great family! I know not only the immediate family but, over the years, I’ve met the grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.”

Where They Are Today:

Willis Nachie is now 34 years old and is currently working for the Hopi Tribe as an Accounting Specialist Supervisor.

Lanae Nachie, who is 22 years old, is attending Scottsdale Community College.

McKenna Nachie is 15 and a sophomore at Flagstaff High School.

Aiden Nachie is 13 and in the 8th grade at Hotevilla/Bacavi Community School.

Marie Nachie’s passion about the Friendship/Mentorship program led her to become a program volunteer for the Bacavi Community in 2011.

Jim Angus resides in Eagle Rock, CA and continues to mentor and be closely involved with the Nachie family.

Shown In Above Photo:
Back from left: Willis, Ardell, Mark, Jim
Middle: Lanae, McKenna, Aidan, Devin
Front: Frances, Marie