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Congrats to the children of our organization! Why so? Well, probably it wouldn’t be the biggest of all the organizations, but our students are definitely the luckiest of all, even if their original planned lives do not go even slightly as planned, they have our services to be backed by in various cases anywhere in the USA and beyond.

We have our hearts and souls in our work, so our society gives back to us and vice versa. We are happy to guide our children and teach them how to lead a prosperous and full life. But our help involves not only courses, subject matters but tips from the fields, treat, money, pieces of advice.

That means any support, any aid, a shoulder to cry on, these organizations have to come in and help our graduates, who are how we learned what had been the American Indian attendees, graduates of the Universities worldwide or their relatives. Anything changes that much since students leave their universities.

We are still totally obsessed with their fates, and more than happy to provide an academic support, or cultural programming, etc. Now let’s take a closer look at the current working organizations in different parts of our world.

student services in the usa

In the USA

America totals 3 such societies working for good. Here we get you familiar with their structures and obligations, including their contacts’ options. They are experienced as the dates of their establishment attest.

In the early eighties, American Indian Student Services aka AISS has been founded to favor undergraduates of New Mexico, however, everyone is welcome. The treat you may get includes: advising on academic and financial aids, giving the information regarding scholarship, tutoring, involving into programs, posting a job, volunteering and not only. That is for a start.

With so much power stuffed into another American Institute, established in 1988, there are some moments people just couldn’t catch. One of educational biggest services as AISS of Metropolitan offers a recruitment, instructional practices, a faculty support and many of the things, led under the guidance of the American Indian community, the students, staff, and faculty.

So in between our many acceptance speeches, some things may be slipped by. Here is what you may miss: there are at least 8 addresses to get in touch with this community and get an immediate support; they also advise, advocate and the American Indian people; they stand for family involvement as well.

Before introducing the AISS of Montana goals, let’s discuss the next things: the committee suggests all sorts of support (academic, social, cultural), sharing the important information, advice for better understanding and encouragement to the students and their families. They share the common aims of our societies – to make sure their participants would have all the means, enough of knowledge, tips for use in their practical work.

services in europe

In Europe

Now we want to take a moment and honor alike body in Europe. There’s no denying the American Indian students of Augsburg love for the AISS. When the group had been finally set up, 200 people representing 20 tribal nationals joined it.

After the Indians beloved group helped people in a coursework selection, making up individual education plans, these guys have gained much in popularity, as they really serve the nation in many ways – by giving financial aid to 95% of students, providing exclusive scholarships on over $600,000, MISP program ensuring a cash aid for even 1/4 Indian blood members. While being honored with grateful students, our associations are also commemorated with their achievements.