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Three Circles of Support

​The Futures for Children (FFC) Three Circles of Support programs improves the quality of education for American Indian children through mentoring and training and helps American Indian families and communities to support the educational future of their children. Through the Friendship/Mentorship program, mentors across the U.S. and Europe provide students with vitally needed one-to-one encouragement to stay in school and achieve academic success. The Youth Leadership program strengthens leadership skills and community ties by assisting students in developing networks, strategies and action plans and guides them in making positive contributions through community service projects. Students and parents in the Families in Action program participate in capacity-building activities to better support their children’s education.  

Youth Leadership

The Youth Leadership Program assists children in developing leadership skills while developing projects that contribute to the betterment of their communities. Each Youth Leadership group executes a project that benefits their community. The curriculum provides a framework in which students, guided by Project Coach volunteers, engage in activities focusing on improving leadership and confidence, both individually and as a group. Students learn to challenge their personal limits and achieve personal and group goals.


In the Friendship Program American Indian children in grades K-12 are matched with mentors from across the United States and around the world. Through letters, emails, and phone conversations, mentors encourage their student(s) to complete high school and pursue a post-secondary education.

Families in Action

In the Families in Action Program, parents and family members are encouraged to identify barriers to academic success and proactively develop solutions that assist their students in overcoming these barriers.