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Mentored Students Tell All

What These Exuberant Sisters Share

As sisters, Cheyenna and Megan share many parts of their lives, but one particular interest they especially enjoy sharing is their involvement in FFC's Friendship/Mentorship program. The letters, photos, and packages they each receive from their mentors are eagerly displayed for the other to admire. Both girls are students at Red Mesa Elementary School on The Navajo Nation. Cheyenna is 10 years old and will soon enter the 5th grade, and Megan, who is 7 years old, will be in 2nd grade. 

Cheyenna was the first of the sisters to apply for mentorship and quickly received notice that Katie, a Colorado resident, was interested in mentoring her. Cheyenna and Katie share news and stories of their lives with each other, and Katie offers her student words of encouragement such as, "I'm proud of you for the GREAT grades you are getting." Cheyenna is enthusiastic about her friendship with Katie and is appreciative of the benefits she enjoys as a participant of the Friendship/Mentorship program. She states, "I am glad that I am part of Futures for Children and really like my mentor. I am excited when I receive letters and packages from her. I am also thankful for the backpacks and school supplies we get."

Megan decided to submit her application for mentorship when she saw how much her sister enjoyed communicating with her mentor. Megan has since developed a close relationship with her mentor, Nikole, from Pennsylvania, who regularly sends letters and advice to help guide her student. Megan's involvement with the program has impressed upon her the importance of doing well in school in order to expand her future education options. Megan is a dedicated student who says, "I really want to do well in school. I am a good reader....and I also like math." Obviously she's a student who has the incentive to reach her full potential through the FFC Friendship/Mentorship program.