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Wingate FACE Program

‚ÄčThe Wingate FACE (Family and Child Education) Families in Action Program located in Gallup, NM proudly completed two Leadership Projects. Their primary project was a Health Fair held in partnership with Navajo Nation health professionals. Events included fitness classes, zumba dancing, and instruction on nutritious cooking.  Healthy snacks were offered during the Health Fair to energize participants for the various activities.

Their second project was a Native Culture Celebration for the community in December.  Event activities revolved around the multi-usefulness of corn in Native life and included, grinding, preparing corn mush, and creating corn husk dolls. Short stories and plays were presented about the importance of the coyote in Native culture. Seasonal activities were offered as well, such as using candies and bows to decorate holiday wreaths.

Additionally, the Wingate Families in Action group became well-versed in the art of public speaking as this skill was necessary for presentations given to groups invested in furthering the Families in Action program goals.  To celebrate their accomplishments, the group organized a trip to Albuquerque, NM to visit the Albuquerque Zoo, NM Museum of Natural History and Science, and ITZ Family Food and Fun.