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What is Families in Action?

Students whose families are involved in their education perform better in school and are less inclined to participate in at-risk behaviors. Futures for Children's Families in Action Program is designed to give communities the tools to improve and enhance their students' educational experience.

Dr. Richard Saunders, founder of Futures for Children, held this philosophy regarding positive social change, "People everywhere will do remarkable things when they work together for the well-being of their children." He laid the foundation for our "Self-Help" method, which encourages people to identify and overcome the challenges within their own communities.

Today, Futures for Children provides training to community members based on Dr. Saunders' facilitation techniques. The trained facilitators work with parents and family members to provide guidance in becoming more involved in the education of their children.  The Families in Action Program is designed to encourage parents and guardians to create a positive and encouraging home environment that promotes academic success and healthy relationships. Families in Action encourages parents to identify obstacles, then build resources and find solutions that support their children’s educational achievement.