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Meet Faye Sorrell

Faye's mentor is Leslie Raemdonck of Breckenridge, CO

Support and Encouragement

​Faye Sorrell's achievements in school and her accomplishments in her personal life are a result of hard work, determination, and lots of support from both her family and her Friendship program mentor.

Faye is currently a Sophomore at Chinle Senior High School with a 4.0 GPA and a great desire to attend college. Faye attributes her drive and self-confidence to her relationship with her Friendship mentor, Leslie Raemdonck of Breckenridge, CO who has encouraged her to excel in school and to dream big in planning for her future. Faye stated, "My mentor has played a very big part in my life. She has helped me strive for more....most importantly in my education."

Though Leslie would love to take credit for Faye's desire to succeed, she is quick to credit Faye's family for her strong work ethic. Leslie commented, "Faye and her family have excelled without much help from me. I think her parents just understand the importance of education and being good people. These traits aren't taught....they truly come from within." In fact, Leslie is so impressed with Faye and her family that she contacted FFC suggesting an article about Faye, stating in her request, "Faye has excelled in school and other activities and her parents have been a terrific support. Her two brothers do very well too."

Following high school graduation, Faye hopes to attend the University of Arizona in Tucson. Initially, she intends to enter the nursing program, but her ultimate goal is to earn her medical degree in pediatrics.

Faye expresses positive experiences about her involvement with the Friendship program at Futures for Children. She said, "I have had a good experience with FFC because it made it possible for me to meet a lady that cares for me as an individual and believes in everything I do. It has helped me 'think outside the box' and look at things in a more complex way."

Leslie made this comment about her experience with FFC as a whole, "I am so proud to be associated with your wonderful organization. We plan to continue to donate and always wish there was more we could do."