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When the item is connected with charity, there is always a good search of sponsors. And organizations in the sort of ours are not the exclusion, they also often require some aid provided from outside. And that is just great when there occur kind donations made by random people who care.

Still, it is much more effective for us to take part in various occasions with charitable deviations. Follow this article and we will tell you about the main activities, which organizers often help us in the financial way for our program students to have a chance to blossom out and reach new peaks.

Fundraising Parties

Such kind of events is organized by various famous companies of different fields and movie-, pop-, sport-stars. Some great examples are Gold Tournament by Murray Bros., Benefit Concerts (12–12–12 for victims of Hurricane Sandy, One Love Manchester, Hand in Hand: A Benefit for Hurricane Relief) where numerous singers take part, Odd Squad, and others.

The main principle of things is that one should make a charitable contribution in order to come to such a party. There are presented some donation kiosks, online services, bargain-sell of some stuff or auctions. All the funds collected within the event are transferred as a charity to certain organizations.



The main point of charitable auctions is to collect all the gains and send them to the rescue of distressed. There exist several kinds of such an activity, including both serious and amateur ones. Each auction presents various bids coming with its own minimum price. These could be objects of visual art, antiques (furniture, rare books, tapestries, etc.).

Yet, there are also some simpler occasions. Let us call them symbolic ones. There can be presented objects of handwork made by children from orphan houses, for instance. Sometimes, famous people arrange some sort of auctions offering their personal stuff. That is how Warren Buffer auctioned his Lincoln Town Car, George Clooney gave his Oscar gift, Leno sold his Harley-Davidson motorcycle for about $360,000.

Charitable Tournaments

Tournaments are one of the most popular and widespread ways of charity. With the help of such arrangements, people have a chance to take part in a sort of activity, have some fun, pleasure and positive emotions. Meanwhile, they also help others in the financial way.

The main purpose of the charity kind is to create the atmosphere of easiness. You play your favorite game and the means you spent are transferred for the help of those who need that. Such tournaments are generally divided into 2 groups: sport and casino ones. Below, we are going to discuss each alternative in details.

sport charitable events


Sport tournaments are held by both celebrities and various organizations (corporations). Yet, the idea is the same. The most popular sport kinds are indoor soccer, basketball, bowling, golf, and others. You sign up in advance and pay for the entrance. Usually, the number of participants is limited and there is set a fixed price for the pastime.

The procedure is following. You choose an event and then a charity. Transact the donation and pick whether you do that once or on a monthly/yearly basis. That is it, all is left is to play until you win. Check the schedule of events on appropriate sites and you will see that sometimes, there are even games held several times a month.

Casino Activities

Charity tournaments in the gambling sphere are of frequent occurrence. Often, it even brings more privileges and earnings to philanthropic organizations than sport arrangements. Besides, there exist competitions for almost each kind of gameplay. You can meet slot, poker, blackjack, as well as roulette tournaments.

The date of the occasion is mentioned beforehand. You are to register and claim for participation. Paying a certain entry price, you get a gamer of the rounds. Placing stakes, you try your luck and even if everything goes not in the way you want, someone, not the casino, gets the profits. High rollers, at that rate, are more welcome, cause they tend to place not penny, but 3- and 4-digit stakes.