Over 60 Students Waiting for Mentors

Futures for Children has launched a dedicated mentorship campaign called "Build a Future ~ Mentor a Child" through the power of mentorship to spread the word about the benefits of mentorship for both mentor and student. Many students are hoping for a mentor who will guide and encourage them in their education and career pursuits. The Friendship/Mentorship program connects American Indian youth throughout New Mexico, Arizona, and Oklahoma with caring mentors from around the world. These relationships often become lifelong friendships. Enrich your life by applying for mentorship today. Click the photo above to begin.

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Mentorship Co-Writers Needed

FFC has many supporters in the Friendship/Mentorship program who wish to contribute to the advancement of a student’s life but are unable to take on the responsibility of communicating with the student. For that reason, we have several openings for mentorship co-writers. These are individuals who would love to build a relationship with an American Indian child but can’t afford the mentorship payments. If you are interested in providing a young person with the motivation to succeed, click the photo above to access our mentorship application.

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Summit Students Learn Leadership Skills

Participants at the 2014 Youth Leadership Summits experienced three days of workshops and activities designed to encourage young people to aspire to greater academic achievement in preparation for post-secondary education. Students at the summit sessions took part in group presentations, shared community projects, and interacted with Native groups from other communities and Tribal affiliations. The Youth Leadership Summits were sponsored by the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians who have been sponsors since 2009.