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Mentorship Application

Mentorship Application

Complete the following form. Fields marked with an asterisk * are required. After submitting this form you will be directed to the Mentor Background Check page.

Levels of Support

We offer two levels of support for your student. The basic level is a $360 annual pledge that provides the student with one yearly education incentive. The supplementary level is a $492 annual pledge that allocates $105 to the student every six months in support of academic needs. You may choose to pay the annual costs in the installments listed below.

Payment Options & Amounts

$360 Level: $ 30.00 Monthly - $ 90.00 Quarterly - $ 180.00 Semi Annually - $ 360.00 Yearly

$492 Level: $ 41.00 Monthly - $ 123.00 Quarterly - $ 246.00 Semi Annually - $ 492.00 Yearly

New Mentor Agreement

I/We are committed to being a Futures for Children mentor and in developing a cross-cultural friendship. I/We will write to my/our mentored student(s) at least every other month. I/We value education and will strongly encourage my/our mentored student(s) to complete high school and pursue post-secondary opportunities. I/We commit to a minimum of two years of mentorship. I/We understand that to ensure the safety of the students, background checks are required. Your initials at the bottom of the application signify your agreement with this statement. Thank you for your commitment to our students.

Student Preferences

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